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RUMBLE Cover Release

Now, I’m sure it can be agreed that many young adults, such as myself, wouldn’t even know what a verse novel was if it weren’t for those very wide, very colourful, one-word titled novels adorning the shelves of libraries and bookstores across the world. It can also be agreed that many of you out there, reading this blog, have also greatly enjoyed said fat, often controversial YA novels. There is one woman who we have to thank for that – the amazing Ellen Hopkins!

From Crank, way back in 2004, to Smoke, released only last year, Ellen (am I supposed to call her Hopkins? Heck, this isn’t formal) has graced us with over ten verse novels for both the adult and young adult age groups. Now it’s time to congratulate her on the reveal of the cover of her religious crisis novel (look, Gabrielle did it first, I hope she’s very proud): Rumble!


About Rumble (from Goodreads)

Eighteen-year-old Matthew Turner doesn’t believe in much. Not in family—his is a shambles, after his brother’s suicide. Not in so-called friends who turn their backs when the going gets rough. Certainly not in some omnipotent master of heaven and earth, no matter what his girlfriend, Hayden, thinks. In fact, he’s sick of arguing with her about faith. Matt is a devout atheist, unafraid of some Judgment Day designed by decidedly human power brokers to keep the masses in check. He works hard, plays hard, and plans on checking out the same way. But a horrific accident—one of his own making—plunges Matt into a dark, silent place where the only thing he can hear is a rumble, and eventually, a voice. And what it says will call everything Matt has ever disbelieved into question.

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