VerseDay: Teaching Verse and Verse Novels

Collage poem

Poetry is a “core” subject, whatever that means. And most of us remember a time (or are still living in it) when the teacher announced “We’re going to start a poetry unit”

And everyone groaned.

I think there are fun ways to teach poetry. I’ve frequently had a blast teaching poetry units to students from toddlers to adults. Recently I taught four groups of teens at Vancouver Public Library Book Camp. Admittedly they were a literary bunch, but I think everyone had a lot of fun. So I thought I’d upload my PDFs in case any teachers or writers want to use them. Warning – they rely heavily on my upcoming books, AUDACIOUS and CAPRICIOUS so sorry in advance for the self promotion.

Course Plan (pdf)

foundpoem12 (pdf – supporting materials for one of the exercises)



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