Verse Novels – Link, Reviews, and Other Stuff

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So I’m dealing with an aching back and a lapsed deadline and things have kind of gotten away from me. Thus I haven’t done a verse novel round up in way too long and so much has been happening.

The big news, for me at least, is I GOT MY COVER DESIGN from my publisher and holy living crap I love it! I’m going to reveal it right here on the blog (and elsewhere) next week, but here’s a little tease:

Yes, it’s pink and black and it has my name on it. You guys, it’s AWESOME!

So, onto other stuff; here’s what’s been happening in the world of verse novels: has a competitor! Novels in Verse hosted by Richelle Steinmetz already has some great content about verse novels. Bring it, Rikki!

Here’s a list of movies based on poems or novels in verse.

MY BOOK OF LIFE BY ANGEL was a finalist in the LA Times Book Prize.

The good news? Holly Thompson is teaching a course on Verse Novel. The bad news (for me): it’s in Japan. But lucky for anyone who lives around that part of the world.

It’s great to see verse novels getting some attention from academics. Here’s a paper presented by Linda Weste at Ohio State’s Porject Narrative.

RUNAWAYS by Sherryl Clark was just released! Here’s an excerpt. And there’s a review with another excerpt at Alpha Reader.

THE SUNLIT ZONE by Lisa Jacobson was reviewed at Text Journal


LOVE & LEFTOVERS was reviewed at Writing Whimsy

LoveandLeftovers book cover

Clear Eyes Full Shelves did a whole week about verse novels. The highlight was this Podcast.

Caroline Starr Rose announced her new book deal, a middle grade novel in verse called BLUE BIRDS

This PDF from Terry Farrish offers a reading list, quotes and activities for exploring diversity in verse novels.

OUT OF THIS PLACE by Emma Cameron is reviewed by Ivy Book Bindings

The Hiding Spot  and Alexa Loves Books review YOUR OWN,SYLVIA by Stephanie Hemphill.


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