April Verse Novels News and Reviews: Week 1

Let’s start this week’s round up with this fabulous new display down in Teen at the Kalamazoo Public Library: verse novels for National Poetry Month! ( thanks @kpl_teen @KzooLibrary). I’d love to see a display like this in every library!

Can I tell you how happy this makes me? This makes me VERY happy.

Also, I found this great educator’s guide to verse novels from Random House. It’s great to see the buzz for verse novels in the classroom growing.

Here’s a report from a schmooze with Sonya Sones.

Some reviews:

THE SUNLIT ZONE by Lisa Jacobson is gathering quite a lot of buzz since its Stella Prize short-listing. Here’s a review on Play Eat Learn Live

LIKE BUG JUICE ON A BURGER by Julie Sternberg is reviewed on Books4YourKids

Like Bug Juice on a Burger

ODETTES’S SECRETS by Maryanne McDonald is reviewed on The Pirate Tree


Tim Sinclair’s RUN is reviewed by Scoop Review of Books


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