VerseDay #14: Verse Novels, Boys and Blueish Covers PLUS Giveaway!

The books below have several things in common. One, they’re all recent or upcoming novels in verse. Two they all feature male teen protagonists. Three they all have blue covers. Four, their covers are awesome.

UnlockedNix Minus OneFreakboyRun

In a YA market saturated with samey covers featuring Photoshopped stock art of vapid faced girls in fluffy gowns, these all demonstrate everything that is right with book design. They are bold, they each are built on a simple premise, suggesting something of the stories therein without didactically trying to telegraph the whole plot. Each of them does something interesting with the  title treatment too. The title is even RAISED on NIX MINUS ONE. So cool.

While verse novels are growing in popularity, it’s sometimes still challenging to find an audience. Cover design is a key part of making verse novels stand out while being accessible to the widest range of readers. The publishers of verse novels simply can’t afford to dial in a cookie cutter cover that’s easily confused with fifteen other books. The above publishers knocked it out of the park.

Not long ago I did a little poll about middle grade verse novel covers. I thought it would be fun to do this again. Vote below and let’s pick a favorite! Comment to explain your choice and I will enter you into a draw to win a copy of NIX MINUS ONE.


7 thoughts on “VerseDay #14: Verse Novels, Boys and Blueish Covers PLUS Giveaway!

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  2. I like the shades of blue and how the image is designed by what looks like shards of layered glass. Plus the font of the word “freak” seems ironic – the font is too pretty for the word and the boy it is describing.

  3. I voted for the cover of Freak Boy because it’s very eye catching! I like the bright blue of the body and how it’s made up from the fragments of something else. I also really like the way the title has been treated with two different fonts that contradict one another, and the title itself.

  4. I really like the covers of both Unlocked and Freak Boy, but I ended up voting for Unlocked. There’s something so jolting about the bullet hole there in the locker, and I like the way the tagline is scrawled there like graffiti.

  5. The use of the bullet hole as the O in the title is eye-catching and hints at the content, as does the graffiti tag. This great cover will draw readers into the story on sight. This is the only one of the four that leaves no doubt as to the premise yet it gives nothing away. Love it!

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