March Verse Novel Reviews etc: Week 1

I’ve been a little behind in my weekly round-ups, sorry! Here’s what’s been happening in verse novels lately:

At the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference there was not one but TWO sessions on verse novels. Here’s what they talked about:

Poetry Serving Story Serving Teens:  Verse Novels for Young Adults. (Holly  Thompson, Ellen Hopkins, David Levithan,  Mariko Nagai, Samantha Schutz) Writers of novels in verse and poems  will discuss the craft of narrative verse and  the compelling use of poetic elements to drive  stories that can deeply impact the lives of  young adults. This panel will elaborate on  challenges of characterization, dialogue, and  plotting within verse; the wide range of forms  and structural approaches employed today;  and the effects and appeal of distilling  complex stories for teens into verse.

Staggered Tellings: Immediacy,  Intimacy, and Ellipses in the Verse Novel. (Kevin Clark, Wendy Barker, Rita Dove,  Kevin Young, Andrew Hudgins) Marrying intimacy of voice to the dramatic  arc of a story, the verse novel continues  against all odds as an engrossing genre. Our  panel will offer answers to key questions,  including: What does the verse novel do that  the prose novel does not? What is the effect of  elliptical plotting? Is narrative subordinate to  character? Do authors outline before writing?  Do readers find it a more intimate form?  How does the poet balance interior life and  exterior events?

I’m calling this as a win for verse novels. I hope someone who attended or presented can let me know how it all went.

Tamera Will Wissinger was interviewed  about her new book GONE FISHING by One Four Kid Lit and The Lucky 13s.

Gone Fishing

Here’s a bit of translation from Death on Rúa Augusta, a Verse Novel by Tedi López Mills courtesy of Intranslation

Muerte en la rúa Augusta

LOCOMOTION by Jacqueline Woodson is reviewed by For the Love of Books.


THE LIGHTNING DREAMER by Margarita Engle is reviewed by Books 4 Fun.

ONE OF US by Gilbert Frankau is reviewed by Reading 1900-1950


One thought on “March Verse Novel Reviews etc: Week 1

  1. Hi, I just found this blog and wanted to say, great idea! I struggle with verse novels. I love to listen to Ellen Hopkins on audiobook, but I have a hard time sitting down to read her novels in verse form.

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