VERSEDAY #2 – Blogger: Angelhorn

Hop on over to Angelhorn for the second VerseDay post. Here’s a taste:

Some Writer’s Resolutions Inspired by Verse Novelist Leslea Newman

It’s VerseDay again! VerseDay is a yearlong blog fest celebrating all things verse. Hosted by, VerseDay will highlight weekly posts from writers and bloggers who have something to say about verse. This blog, Angelhorn will be blogging for verse day regularly so watch this space for more VerseDay fun. You can visit the VerseDay homepage to find out what other bloggers and writers are involved and sign up yourself.

For my first VerseDay post I want to share what I learned and resolved after chatting with poet Lesléa Newman.

When I chatted with Lesléa Newman earlier this week about her magnificent verse novel OCTOBER MOURNING:A Song for Matthew Shepard, I was interested to learn that she didn’t write the poems that make up this extraordinary book in order.

GabrielleSaraP: OCTOBER MOURNING is both a verse novel and a collection of poetry which would appeal to fans of both forms. Any comments?

Lesleanewman: I really thought of it as a collection of themed poems, as opposed to a verse novel. The book has a narrative arc so it is novelistic…

Read more here.


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