Spooktacular Giveaway Hop – Win a Spooky Verse Novel

Most verse novels, whether they be middle grade, young adult or adult are straight up contemporary. There are quite a few historicals and a couple of animals stories, but in general not a lot of genre finds its way into verse novels. I’m hoping that this will change. So in honor of Halloween season and the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop, I’m highlighting a few verse novels that break out of the contemporary mainstream and flirt with fantasy and supernatural.

Chasing BrooklynI’ve previously crowned Lisa Schroeder as the queen of the Aftermath-Of-Death-Verse-Novel. Those who have read her best-selling I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME and CHASING BROOKLYN know that these books, although very romantic also have a hint of menace and creep factor to them. They aren’t quite horror stories, but there are some genuine chills and thrills to these ghost stories. I’d love to see verse novelists take this even further. Imagine ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD except in verse. That’s what I’m taking about.

Forget Me NotFORGET ME NOT by Carolee Dean is another verse novel ghost story. This one is kind of a different kind of mash up though. It’s sort of The Sixth Sense meets Ellen Hopkins’ IMPULSE  meets THIRTEEN REASONS WHY by Jay Asher. I loved the moody imagery and threatening bitter-hearted ghosts in this one. It’s vivid scenes and timely themes make it appeal on a number of levels. This is one to advocate for a film adaptation too. It would be spooky and poignant.  Visit Carolee’s blog to find out about another giveaway tour.

Sharp TeethSHARP TEETH by Toby Barlow is a werewolf story in verse. This one, which is aimed at an adult audience, has been described as “a howling, hole-digging, bone-snapping, blood-lapping, intestine-gobbling success.”  So now I’m asking myself: if there’s a werewolf verse novel, where are the vampire ones, the zombie ones? Apparently Ryan Mecum asked himself this very question and answered it with ZOMBIE HAIKU, VAMPIRE HAIKU and THE DAWN OF ZOMBIE HAIKU. Not to be outdone by Toby Barlow, Mecum also penned WEREWOLF HAIKU. Take that.Vampire Haiku

So the good news is there’s a growing selection of spooky genre in verse novels.  And the great news is one of these books can be yours. Simply add my upcoming verse novel AUDACIOUS (Orca Books fall 2013) to your Goodreads shelves or follow this blog or me on Twitter. Let me know what you’ve done in a comment below to finalize your entry.

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31 thoughts on “Spooktacular Giveaway Hop – Win a Spooky Verse Novel

  1. I am so excited to have discovered this site! As a verse novelist (not published…yet), I am especially interested in novels that, as you say, break out of the contemporary mainstream. My first verse novel is a fantasy.

  2. Please Enter Me In Your Book Giveaway.
    In Response To Your Requirement To Enter
    I Have Added The Book Audacious By Gabrielle Prendergast
    To My Goodreads Shelf As Wanting To Read.
    My Name On Goodreads Is The Same As This.

  3. Great giveaway~ there are quite a few books mentioned here that I’d love to read! ! I follow you on Twitter: @Miyosha_K

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