YA GIVEAWAY HOP – Choose a New Release YA Novel in Verse

 I’m a Reader Not a Writer is hosting a giveaway hop this month and I thought I’d join in the fun by giving away a verse novel new release of your choice. Here’s how it will work. You choose ONE of the below four verse novels. You tell me in a comment why you want to win this novel. You follow this blog by clicking the button to the right for an extra entry (tell me if you’ve done it!). I draw one name and pre-purchase the book you chose on Amazon.com for delivery on or around the release date!

Here are the four books from which you can choose:

Product Details

FORGET ME NOT by Carolee Dean

Product Details

TILT by Ellen Hopkins


My Book of Life by Angel

MY BOOK OF LIFE BY ANGEL by Martine Leavitt


Good luck and thanks for entering!


17 thoughts on “YA GIVEAWAY HOP – Choose a New Release YA Novel in Verse

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  2. I would choose Leslea’s October Mourning. In June 2010, Leslea taught at The Frost Place and at the evening poetry reading read selections from this work. It was the first time she read any of them to the public. The pieces she selected took my breath away. I think everyone in attendance that night were affected by the power of the works in this book.

  3. I pick October Mourning because I think few of my high school students are familiar with Matthew Shephard’s story and because my Twitter colleague Paul Hankins gave it 5/5 stars on Goodreads. I’ll be subscribing to this blog as soon as I post this.

  4. I’d love to read October Mourning by Leslea Newman. I am a big believer in equality and I think this book will be a kind of bridge that will bring awareness to the youth about the discrimination of gays, and so on. I would also love to see Leslea Newman’s assumption of what happened to Matthew Shepard, and the different points of view she would put in the story. All in all, it looks like an interesting read with a powerful message and I’d love to read it.

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  6. Hi. I choose October Mourning as I’m interested in verse novels that illuminate real events — political, emotional and historical. This is an important story. And the poetic voice is ideal for presenting this tragedy.

  7. I would like to read Tilt because I’m a fan of Ellen Hopkins’s work, the fact that her takes are written in verses and I also heard that this is a companion book to Triangles.

  8. I would choose FORGET ME NOT by Carolee Dean

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  9. Thanks for this! I would choose Martine Leavitt because I’m from Alberta and a former librarian who has been reading her books since they came out…er, except this one. I love, love free verse so very glad to have found your blog, I must say. Following via email justdeb AT debamarshall DOT com

  10. I would choose October Mourning because I think this is a very important, much needed novel. Plus, Leslea was my mentor at Spalding and I think she is completely brilliant. 🙂

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